Why Cash Advance Tiger?

Let’s get straight to the point. You need money, we have it, you are trying to decide if we are a good fit for you or not. Here are some good solid reasons how we can benefit you directly:

  • Up To $500,000 per advance
  • Easy Application Process
  • 90% Approval Rate
  • 48 Hour Approval!
  • Receive Funds as Fast as 5 Days
  • Small Fixed Daily Payments
  • No Need to Switch Credit Card Processor
  • No Collateral Required

We don’t charge any fees for applying, we don’t require collateral, we can most likely approve you, we WILL help you through the whole application process, you will get your money fast, and once you have received your first cash advance with us you can EASILY renew with other advances with very minimal paperwork. We will take the time to answer all the questions you have about cash advances on the phone and be completely honest with you. Cash advances are not for some companies and we will let you know if we do not think this is your best option for getting money fast for your business.

As a side benefit we consider ourselves somewhat lucky to have a successful business in this economy and have some great partners to refer you to if you need help with other aspects of your business. We can refer you to a wonderful web design and online marketing company, printers, technical support, lawyers, accountants, etc. and will back up our referrals with a guarantee that if you are not happy with them we will cover the initial costs you had to pay to try them out. In the end we want you to succeed so you get to the point where you are extremely profitable and may never need another cash advance!

Fast Cash Advances

We will hold your hand through the entire application process.

Fast funding with up to $500,000 per advance. No collateral, low repayment rates, use the money for whatever you need, quick quotes! Call us today.