Business Loans and Cash Advances

We partner with lenders who can provide both short term business loans and merchant cash advances. We tailor your funding solution to the unique needs and qualifications of your business.

Short Term Business Loans Explained

Through our lending partners, we are able to provide flexible and short term commercial loans for a wide range of cash flow and operational needs. These loans are lifesavers if you need cash to purchase inventory, invest in equipment, or cover temporary cash flow needs. We can help fund projects or cash flow crunches that banks or other institutional lenders won’t look at.

We facilitate business loans from $10K to $500K for businesses that have at least 6 months of operating history. Our loans are considered short term, and are usually paid back in 6 to 12 months. Approval is based on the deposit history of the business, so if you have personal credit challenges you can still be approved.

Our streamlined process and talented underwriting staff allows us to close many loans in as few as 5 business days. We set up an affordable payment schedule based on your business deposits and credit card processing; these payments are linked to your business account and are easy to manage. There are no upfront fees and our application has no obligations, so give us a try and rest easy.

Merchant Cash Advances Explained

Merchant cash advances are NOT like traditional loans, they offer many more benefits
Let’s assume you have an immediate need of $10,000 to keep you business running in the immediate near future.  We can give you the money you need now and you can pay it back slowly over time.  There is not set interest rate or pre-payment schedule.  The only requirement is that you process credit card transactions.

How Cash Advances Work

We give you some money, say $10,000 for example.  You agree that you will pay back a fixed amount over time, in this example $13,500.  We agree at a certain percentage of credit card transaction totals, for example 25%.  Every day you pay the advance back at 25% of your daily credit card receipts until it is paid off.  In one day if you only process $100 of credit card transactions you only pay back $25, if the next day you process $1,000 in credit card transactions you pay back $250.  This happens until the advance is paid off.

Some of the many benefits of merchant cash advances

Fast & Easy Approvals  Getting a traditional loan from a bank involves a lot of paperwork, lots of time, and is a big headache to qualify.  With merchant cash advances there are only a few documents we need to collect and verify and it can happen as fast as just a few days.  We have a 90% approval rate.

No Collateral  There is no collateral required for business cash advances.  The only ‘collateral’ is that you process credit card transactions regularly with your business.

Hidden Fees  Business loans have lots of hidden fees, there are no hidden fees with our cash advance program.

Repayment Terms  With a traditional loan you have fixed payments that if you can not meet can hurt you.  With cash advances re-payment is automatic and there is no set amount or interest rate in the terms.

Easy Renewals  Once you have had a cash advance with us there is very minimal paperwork and time involved to get a new one.


Finding out how much you qualify takes just a few minutes, fill out the online request form or give us a call to get a fast quote on how much money you can have in just a few days. Get A Free Quote



Fast Cash Advances

We will hold your hand through the entire application process.

Fast funding with up to $500,000 per advance. No collateral, low repayment rates, use the money for whatever you need, quick quotes! Call us today.