Ways in Which You Can Spend Your Cash Advance

Anyone who runs a small business knows that doing so can keep you on your toes. Sudden changes come up all the time when you own an up and coming small business, but the need to adjust with these changes in order to keep your business flowing can sometimes lead you to the path of a lender to help with alleviation or expansion. Unfortunately, large business loans from the bank can be difficult to qualify for in this day in age when banks are raising the hoops you need to jump through in order to qualify.

While to qualify for a small business or bank loan may be your first gut reaction when placed in a situation that requires you to seek out extra funds for your business, keep in mind all of the advantages of utilizing merchant cash loan from a reputable company like Cash Advance Tiger.

Cash Advance Tiger, like many other well-known cash advance companies, has the ability to give small businesses a cash sum in return for a percentage of the business’ credit/debit transactions. It only takes 24-hours to be approved with approximately 90% of Cash Advance Tiger applicants being offered a small business cash advance. This type of lending gives small business owners the best flexibility in paying the amount back as monthly payments are based totally on the sales of the business and are not fixed.

What Types of Expenses Can You Use Cash Advance Money On

So now that you are interested in or have a merchant cash advance what exactly can you spend the money on? The thing is that there are no stipulations in place with this type of cash loan on how it needs to be spent. As a small business owner you know your company better than anybody else, so there is no need for an outsider to dictate what part of your business needs the money the most.

Typically though, small business will use the cash advance to cover working capital, inventory, remodeling, upgrades, and to assist in expansion.

What Expenses Are Not Advisable

The only real expenses that would be considered non-advisable are those that do not affect your small business. This means purchases that do not promote or lead to the advancement of your business in some way are likely ill advised, as the money was obtained via a business cash advance rather than a personal loan; it should be intended for the development of your small company.

What Cash Advance Tiger Can Offer You

Cash Advance Tiger can offer cash advances up to $200,000 with quick approval turn around so you won’t be left waiting. Cash is often received in 3-7 days and there is no payback deadline or fixed payment fees like with most traditional loans. In addition to this, Cash Advance Tiger is invested in wanting to see you and your business succeed, you’re not just an account.




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