What is a Merchant Account Loan?

Called by various names, a merchant account loan is a cash advance for your small business based upon your average credit card transactions. Because the business cash loan is based upon established credit card income, no collateral is required. Cash Advance Tiger provides loans to small business owners to help with any type of financial need.

 The requirements for qualifying are very simple. Your business should be able to show at least $3,000 per month income from credit card transactions. Cash Advance Tiger has a very high approval rate at around 90%. Other companies that offer business cash advances charge processing fees and closing costs but not Cash Advance Tiger. 

In many cases, companies that offer small business cash advances require you to change credit card processors. Cash Advance Tiger allows you to continue using the same processor. Many businesses love our service simply because we go to extremes to make the merchant cash advance as easy as possible. 

What can You do with an Extra $10,000?

At Cash Advance Tiger, you can use the funds from your business cash advance for any reason you like. Some small business owners need to expand and grow their business. Some want to pay off high-interest debts. Others need to buy new equipment or purchase inventory. Still others simply need some working capital. 

You can receive up to $200,000 from Cash Advance Tiger for your small business to use any way you like. Approval takes under 24 hours in most cases. Funding can take place within 3 days. With banks and credit unions, you may have to wait weeks to get the money you need to buy that new equipment for your small business. 

The application process at Cash Advance Tiger has been streamlined to make it simple and convenient for our customers. We know how busy you are as a small business owner. There aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done on your list. You don’t have time to spend sitting at the bank half a day waiting to speak to a banker who is going to want to see at least three years’ bank statements along with every P & L statement for two years and a long list of other financial documents. 

At Cash Advance Tiger, you’ll love the friendly customer service and easy application process. Call us today or fill out the form on our website to get more information about your business cash loan.

Fast Cash Advances

We will hold your hand through the entire application process.

Fast funding with up to $500,000 per advance. No collateral, low repayment rates, use the money for whatever you need, quick quotes! Call us today.