Most Common Uses for a Business Cash Advance

The reason why a small business may seek out a business cash advance varies widely as no two small businesses are completely alike. Though what all small business owners who pursue a cash advance do have in common is that they want to keep their company on the up and up. Merchant cash advance companies like Cash Advance Tiger offer just this service and do so with a quick funding turnaround so small business owners can hit the ground running.

Typically, a small business will put their cash advance toward one of three categories which include: operations, assets, and cost management.


The covering of operation costs is the most common use for a merchant cash loan by small businesses. This includes using the funding for working capital expenses. If a small business has hit a bit of a bump but anticipates a future increase or expansion in business, they may want to take out a cash advance loan to cover the expenses of payroll, accounts payable, taxes, and other similar company operating costs.


Sometimes a small business owner needs a little boost to grow their business, a small business cash advance does just this by giving the owner the capital to do so. In this instance an owner may use the funding to purchase newer and more up to date technology such as computers, software, or manufacturing equipment to help their business run more efficiently.

Also, a business owner may use the funding to purchase more of their inventory or seasonal stock so that they can expand their selling power, thus creating a revenue boom for their small business.

Cost Management

There are times that small business owners are confronted with a profitable business opportunity that is too good to pass up, but they don’t have the funding to make a go of it. This is where unsecured business loans come in handy as they are easy to be approved for and quick at disbursing the money. Now that small business owner can buy his partner out and become the sole proprietor or they can invest in a larger warehouse so that they can develop and/or hold more products to be sold.

Another cost management use of cash advance funding is for remolding purposes. Many small businesses have a storefront in which they interact with customers, the appearance of a business’s storefront can often make or break them, and this is why remolding is a large part of the cash advance system.

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