Getting Started with a Cash Advance for your Business

Many companies these days are having cash flow problems. Let’s face it! The economy is still struggling. In order to make it through these hard times, you may find yourself needing a large amount of cash rather quickly. Unsecured business loans can be hard to get though.

American is built upon small business. The small business owner is crucial to the successful economy of America. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests that small businesses thrive. That’s why the federal government originally created the Small Business Administration, to help small business owners like you with any problems, especially financial, that they might be having.

Cash Advance Tiger was also formed in order to help small business owners with finances. Whereas the Small Business Administration can take months to process your paperwork and requires a huge amount of documentation, Cash Advance Tiger can give small business owners an answer in 24 hours. Funding can often take place in 3 days or less. And there’s a 90% approval rate.

How to Get Started

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then here are some helpful instructions to help you get your merchant cash loan

  • The first thing to do is contact us either by phone or email. We also offer a short form to fill out on the website that asks for basic information.
  • Next you provide us with a bit more information about your business. In order to qualify for a merchant account loan, you must process at least $3,000 per month in credit cards.
  • Then we discuss terms and conditions. Let’s say you need to borrow $15,000 immediately in order to make some repairs and improvements. There is no set interest rate or pre-payment schedule. In our final agreement, you may decide to pay back 20% of your daily credit card receipts.

Example: If you take in $1,000 in one day in credit card transactions, then you would repay $200 of your loan. The following day, let’s say you take in only $600 in credit card transactions. That means you only pay us $120. This makes it easier for you to repay the money and doesn’t require you to pay exorbitant amounts when you haven’t earned that much.

The payments are made until the entire loan amount is repaid, so there’s no set time limit. There are also no application fees and no closing fees. At Cash Advance Tiger, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the large business loan you need.

Fast Cash Advances

We will hold your hand through the entire application process.

Fast funding with up to $500,000 per advance. No collateral, low repayment rates, use the money for whatever you need, quick quotes! Call us today.